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provides supervised community-based foster care to the most vulnerable children in South Africa.

Evelyn Connolly Transitional Support Programme


There are many transitions that need to be navigated throughout our lives, but for children there are many more that happen in a relatively short time. Foster children that come into our care inevitably have to leave our care between ages 18 to 21. This means that it is crucially important that while they are in our care, we ensure that they are adequately prepared for these stages and especially, for transitioning out of our care. The support of this programme involves firstly, the iBhabhatane (Butterfly) Programme, where in partnering with specialists in the field (Mamelani), we design workshops, outings and activities for each of our four age groups of children. i.e.  ‘The Littlies’ (0 – 8 years – The Egg), ‘Tweens’ (9 – 12 years – Caterpillar), ‘Teens’ (13 – 15 years – Pupa), ‘Ageing Out’ (16years+ – Butterfly).

Here we have more recently intensified the training of our staff team (Social Workers and Foster Mothers) specifically for the ‘Aging Out’ group who need adequate preparation for this big step in their lives. Secondly, it involves a Transitional Home Programme, where we have established a home for those of our young people who need additional support when they leave our care. So especially for those who do not have any family placements to go to after their foster care expires, we have established a home in the community where they can be supported. We have partnered with a specialist (Echo) in the field of setting up transitional homes for young adults who is training and assisting us in this development.

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