Home from Home

provides supervised community-based foster care to the most vulnerable children in South Africa.



This programme is the foundation of all of our work with children at HfH. This is where HfH creates a second chance for our children to experience family-style life. We do this by providing a comfortable and safe home in the communities from which the children originate and employ staff that speak the childrens’ language and understand their culture.

Also, Foster Mothers are carefully screened at employment and further trained and supervised during their employ, to ensure they provide a loving caring home that upholds strong family values. We have a team of Social Workers and Social Auxiliary Workers who provide the foster mothers with this support, supervision and training and are also tasked in accessing additional support services for the numerous special needs that foster children often require. We believe that this ‘Loving Family-Home environment’ is essential to the care of our children so they can have the foundation of belonging to a family where important values for life are actively taught. This foundation of a loving and caring environment where positive relationships with ‘brothers’, ‘sisters’ and foster parents is created, is what enables other programmes below to be effective in remedying some  of the other disadvantages our children come to us with.

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